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Latest News :: CGA Server 1.2 Released!
Posted on October 26, 2011 by CodeJunkie

A new version of the CGA Server is now available!

There are several changes in this update to the CGA Server:

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected a bug in the UDP server code that was prevented it from working reliably.
  • Corrected the scenario in which a TCP connection being made without a follow up UDP connection would prevent the server from accepting any other connections.

New Features/Changes

  • Added an admin UDP server on port 9666. This port is used to PING and QUERY the server from the CGA website. It will have other uses in the future.
  • Each server's online and connection status (ie: current connections/max connections), and name are now pulled from the website via this new port.
  • There is now only one log file. It is named "cgaserver.log" and is now located under the "log" folder under the installation folder.
  • The configuration folder is now located under a sub folder named "conf".
  • The configuration no longer requires your CGA user ID, server ID or communicatin key.
  • Registering your servers on the CGA website is now easier than ever!

Please note that in order for your servers to show as online on the CGA website you will need to update to the latest version.

Click here to download the latest server.

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