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Latest News :: ** GOG.com & Steam Games Now Supported **
Posted on February 04, 2012 by CodeJunkie

Yes, you read that correctly! DOS games purchased from GOG.com and Steam are now supported by CGA. We have only added a handfull of games so far, but we will be adding as many as possible in the coming months. This support also comes with a new client version: 1.4.1

Currently Supported Games

Client Updates

  • No longer creates a batch file (cga.bat) that gets copied to the game folder.
  • DOSBox is no longer launched with the cga.bat file.
  • All necessary commands needed to launch DOSBox, connect to a server and start a game are now added to the autoexec section of the DOSBox configuration file being used. They are then removed.
  • For GOG.com and Steam games the version of DOSBox that ships with them is used instead of a preinstalled version. The DOSBox configuration file for these games is copied to your home folder and used for CGA's purposes and deleted when the client closes.
  • IPXSETUP.EXE is now included with the client and will be copied to the game folder for Steam based id games since they did not ship them with this file. It is required for network play.

Website Updates

  • When adding/editing games in your user profile you will now have to select a configration type for each game before configuring the details of said game. The choices, if available for a particular game, are "Manual", "GOG.com" and "Steam". Manual is the normal configuration where you specify all details such as mounting a CD-ROM drive or ISO. GOG.com and Steam only require the game path since the configuration is pre-configured in our database based on the game's installation from each vendor.
  • Added DOSBox, GOG.com and Steam logos to the bottom of the site.

Click here to download the latest client.

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