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Help :: Server Change Log Topics - 2014/01/10

  • Removed the authentication check that matches the client's hostname from a DNS lookup to the hostname passed in from the website which could cause an access denied error if they did not match due to a cached DNS record that was different. - 2013/04/23

  • Improved security.
  • Handles client keep-alive message.
  • No longer hangs on startup if the TeamSpeak license server cannot be reached.
  • TeamSpeak now logs to server log. - 2013/03/18

  • Added integrated audio chat using TeamSpeak 3 SDK!
  • Corrected logic in TCP listener threads so they shutdown properly. This issue was only noticeable under Linux, however it also improves shutdown time.
  • Log path is configurable from the cgaserver.conf file for Linux users.
  • Now reports its OS to the website when it is polled by the master server.
  • Linux users can now utilize the "service" control scripts to start, stop and query the status of the server. - 2012/09/27

  • Fixed a boneheaded error in the serial relay server code. If the second player disconnected and reconnected a new relay thread was created every time. This eventually made the server become very unstable and under Windows it would go into 100% CPU. Under Linux it would just seg fault and shutdown. This was because I forgot to check and make sure a thread had not already been created.
  • Added some more error handling and logging. - 2012/09/22

  • Corrected some stability issues in the threading model.
  • Made some minor optimizations to the serial relay link thread logic.
  • Added some exception handling and some more logging.
  • Corrected the code that prevents the server from starting servers when their ports are in us by another process. Version 2.3 broke it. - 2012/09/20

  • Changed how the serial relay handles each virtual link. After the second connection is made a thread is started which handles the link communication between the 2 computers. This has increased performance and will ensure good performace when more than once serial link is active on one serial relay server. - 2012/09/20

  • Rewrote all the TCP server code so that it is more efficient and scalable to a high number of connections.
  • Rewrote the serial relay server code (TCP as well) for the same reasons. The performance has increased dramatically for serial relay games.
  • Refined and optimized the entire codebase in preparation for integrating the TeamSpeak 3 API for audio chat capabilities.
  • Cleaned up the logging so it makes more sense.
  • Servers will not start if the ports they are attempting to use are in use by another running process. If no servers start then the service will not start. - 2012/07/16

  • Private servers now supported.
  • Now has a combined total connection limit of 512.
  • Now checks server ports to make sure servers do not use ports used by already loaded servers. - 2012/07/08

  • Added an End-User License Agreement to the installer. (license.txt)
  • Added a EULA link on the start menu group.
  • Added a change history file named "changes.txt".
  • Added a link to this file on the start menu group named "Change History".
  • Added an INNO Setup license file. (innosetup_license.txt)
  • Added a link to the start menu group named "Server Configuration" which opens the conf file, cgaserver.conf, in notepad.exe so it can be edited.
    NOTE: Server service must be restarted for changes to take affect.
  • Added a "Register New Account" start menu group link.
  • Updated the "CGA Server on the Web" start menu group link to point to:
  • Once again changed the secondary port key in the conf file to be called "RelayPort". There is no need to add this manually. The server will now self correct the changes made to the conf file including the RelayType key. - 2012/02/26

  • Servers can now be configured as IPX relay severs or Serial relay servers. Serial relay servers use TCP as the secondary port.
  • The conf file for the server now has a key for each sever called "RelayType". This must be set to eithe "ipx" or "serial". The UDPPort key has been renamed to "GamePort". If you had a server installed you will need tp make these changes manually since the installer will not overwrite your configuration file. - 2012/01/19

  • Minor TCP code changes. - 2011/11/01

  • Updated how the server sends its information when the master server queries it. - 2011/10/26

  • Corrected a bug in the UDP server code that was prevented it from working reliably.
  • Corrected the scenario in which a TCP connection being made without a follow up UDP connection would prevent the server from accepting any other connections.
  • Added an admin UDP server on port 9666. This port is used to PING and QUERY the server from the CGA website. It will have other uses in the future.
  • Each server's online and connection status (ie: current connections/max connections), and name are now pulled from the website via this new port.
  • There is now only one log file. It is named "cgaserver.log" and is now located under the "log" folder under the installation folder.
  • The configuration folder is now located under a sub folder named "conf".
  • The configuration no longer requires your CGA user ID, server ID or communicatin key.
  • Registering your servers on the CGA website is now easier than ever! - 2011/10/01

  • cgaw3.dll is no longer required.
  • ipxnet.dll is no longer required.
  • SDL and SDL_Net are no longer a dependancy (sdl.dll and sdl_net.dll respectively)

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