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Help :: Client Change Log Topics - 2014/01/22

  • Removed AES encryption when getting game room data. The AES code was buggy and not working correctly all the time. - 2014/01/10

  • Mac OSX now supported!
  • Windows and Mac client include a small menu program. In Windows the shortcut is named "Classic Gaming Arena" and you have the option during install to add it to the desktop and/or the quick launch. It is also in the start menu. On Mac it is the default program run when the application is launched. It is also now launched by default for the Windows client if nothing is passed on the command line instead of the website being opened.
  • Corrected the bug that played a "player left" sound whenever someone left any game room on the server the client was connected.
  • Added a debug mode option to the client configuration which will allow the player to see all the dos commands being run by DOSBox. It will also pause execution before the game runs and after the game exits. This feature works in multiplayer, single player and game setup mode. This option is also configurable from the configuration program under the misc tab.
  • New logo icon now being used where applicable. - 2013/04/23

  • Improved security.
  • Now passes player name, country, OS and game name to the sever for debugging purposes.
  • Added TCP keep-alive. - 2013/03/18

  • Added integrated audio chat using TeamSpeak 3 SDK!
  • Corrected code that writes the log file for the first time. It now sets the correct permissions under Linux.
  • Log file is now just "cgaclient.log" with no date.
  • Re-added the client configuration program. It can be executed using the -c or --configure command line arguments with the CGA Client. Its settings are saved per user in the .cgaclient/conf folder under their respective user profile folder.
  • Push-to-Talk audio chat feature added. (Windows only)
  • Linux users: The PID file path, config path and dosbox path can now be set in the new cgaclient shell script used to launch the CGA Client for Linux users. Located in /usr/bin.
  • Now reports its OS to the website.
  • CPU settings are now passed to DOSBox from the website.
  • Video hardware setting is now passed to DOSBox from the website.
  • Now supports the config file for Elder Scrolls: Battlespire.
  • Client will now edit game config files in single player and setup mode if needed. (Screamer 2 and Elder Scrolls: BattleSpire) - 2012/09/21

  • Uses the new serial options data field that has been added for use by some games (Jurassic War) that use a serial connection for multi-player support. This option allows us to tweak the serial settings for these games. - 2012/09/20

  • Refined TCP code to work with updated server. - 2012/07/29

  • Corrected a bug where in the client would not log that it was already running in the event that a second instance of the client was run.
  • Added system error logging when errors occur during file copy processes so that the problem can be determined more accurately. ie: if a file is missing or a permissions problem occurs. - 2012/07/16

  • Now supports private CGA servers. - 2012/07/07

  • General code cleanup and optimization.
  • Adding more error handling.
  • Added logging. A "log" folder will now be created under your user profile.


    The log file format is "cgaclient_yyyy_mm_dd.log". - 2012/07/05

  • Added a register new account link to the Start Menu group.
  • Singleplayer mode and setup mode will now update the current profile on the website with the client's version. - 2012/06/17

  • The client now has several operating modes.
    1. Multiplayer mode. (normal)
    2. Single player mode. This will launch a game with no network connectivity and will only be playable in single player mode. Initiated from the website.
    3. Setup mode. This mode launches a game's setup program. It is initiated from the website.
    4. Update check mode. This mode will check for updates and tell you if your client is up-to-date.
    5. Version update mode. This mode will update current logged in profile with version of the your client. Initiated from the website.
  • Updated the "CGA Client on the Web" start menu link to point to:
  • Added a "Check for Updates" start menu link.
  • Added an "End-User License Agreement" start menu link.
  • Added the setup executables for Doom and Doom II for the Steam distributed versions since they were not shipped with these versions of the game. They will be copied to their respective game directories when launched from the website. - 2012/06/08

  • DOSBox is now distributed with the CGA Client. It will be used for all games including those purchased from GOG.com and Steam.
  • The option to configure the CGA Client has been removed. It will return with future feature updates. The installer no longer offers to run the configuration after install.
  • Added a change history file. (changes.txt) The installer now offers the options to view the change history after installation has completed.
  • A menu item has been added to the start menu group to view the change history.
  • Added innosetup_license.txt.
  • Files copied to the user profile path are now copied to:

  • Added an End-User License Agreement (EULA) contained within license.txt.
  • A screen shot and video capture path is now created under the aforementioned client path as "capture". A profile id sub folder will also be created for each CGA profile that accesses the client. This path will be as the capture folder for DOSBox. (this is for a future feature) - 2012/02/27

  • For serial games DOSBox is now always configured to use its Serial1 interface (COM1 in DOS terms). So make sure to configure your games to always use COM1. - 2012/02/26

  • Now supports serial connections. (nullmodem) - 2012/02/05

  • The configuration file that ships with the client is now used as a temporary file and copied to your user profile folder when the client is launched, edited for use by the current game room and deleted when the client shuts down.
  • You can now configure most of the DOSBox graphics options per game from the CGA Website. - 2012/02/04

  • Games purchased from GOG.com and Steam are now supported.
  • No longer creates a batch file (cga.bat) that gets copied to the game folder.
  • DOSBox is no longer launched with the cga.bat file.
  • All necessary commands needed to launch DOSBox, connect to a server and start a game are now added to the autoexec section of the DOSBox configuration file being used. They are then removed.
  • For GOG.com and Steam games the version of DOSBox that ships with them is used instead of a preinstalled version. The DOSBox configuration file for these games is copied to your home folder and used for CGA's purposes and deleted when the client closes.
  • IPXSETUP.EXE is now included with the client and will be copied to the game folder for Steam based id games since they did not ship them with this file. It is required for network play. - 2012/01/19

  • Minor TCP code changes. - 2011/11/15

  • Full screen mode is no longer part of the global DOSBox configuration. It is now set per game on the website. - 2011/11/09

  • Your DOSBox path no longer has to be configured through the website.
  • The CGA Client now has command line parameters to launch it in configuration mode.

    --configure or -c
  • In Windows there is now a shortcut added to the start menu named "CGA Client (Configure)" which lauches it in configuration mode.
  • The new configuration mode allows you to configure your DOSBox path and fullscreen mode.
  • The CGA installer will launch the client in configuration mode after the installation has finished. You also have the option to not have it run after the installation completes.
  • All error messages that the client previously returned as a pop-up dialog are now opened in your web browser. This change makes cross-platform development/deployment more efficient since it removes the need for GUI controls. It also allows for better explanation of the errors as well as how to correct them.
  • The Linux version is almost ready for public release. So far it is working just like the Windows version! - 2011/11/04

  • Your DOSBox configuration file no longer has to be configured on the website. This will make setup quicker and easier.
  • The CGA Client now comes with a DOSBox configuration file which it copies to your user profile path the first time it is run. It is never overwritten and you can modify as you see fit. The file name is called cga-dosbox.conf. - 2011/09/24

  • This update removes cdiupdate.dll. The update checking logic is now built into the client.
  • NOTE: The update logic has also been updated slightly so previous versions will not be able to detect this new version. It will have to be downloaded and installed manually. - 2011/09/22

  • This update of the client now checks to make sure your local CD path exists (CD-ROM or ISO), returns an error if it does not and exits th client. Also with this version the cient is now executed using a custom URL protocol instead of a MIME type. What this means is an easier confiuratin and less chance for security issues since there is no file to download.
  • You will need to download and install this version of the client manually before you will be able to use the website to launch games. - 2011/08/18

  • This updated corrects the issue wherein the client will crash internally if the player's DOSBox paths have not been set and reports the error that the CGA file is corrupt instead of reporting that the paths are blank.
  • This update also adjusts the order in which an update check to the client occurs. It now occurs first instead of after processing the CGA file. In the earlier versions of the client and the website the player's user profile was passed in the CGA file so the updater had to run after opening the file and reading the user profile path. This no longe is necessary since the client looks up the player's user profile path. - 2011/02/18

  • The client will no longer copy the netbios.exe file and execute it for every game. Only the games that need it will this occur. - 2011/02/17

  • NetBIOS support. - 2011/01/31

  • The only change is that the client no longer requires the player's local user profile path passed in from the website. The client now determines it. It can no longer be configured on the website as well since it is no longer needed. - 2011/01/26

  • Client will now check for updates and inform the player. The client will not allow outdated versions to run. This is to ensure there are no discrepencies between the server and client software.
  • Games such as Duke Nukem 3D that require a configuration INI file to be edited to set the network settings will now work correctly.
  • Virtual Networks: Client passes to the latest server a unique network id so that each game room is segregated from the others. Allowing data packets for each game room to only be sent between connections within that room.

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